Outstream Video Ads: A Publishers Guide to Optimization

Outstream video ads are becoming increasingly popular due to the growing demand of video ad formats among the advertisers. According to eMarketers report, the digital video ad spent on US will cross $22B by 2021. This is almost 50% increase in ad spent across this category in a span of 4 years. While the demand for video ads is steep, we have seen an ongoing shortable of supply for video ad inventory, and both marketers/advertisers are looking for avenues beyond YouTube and Facebook to retarget and connect with their audience. The problem continued to persist since publishers should have their own video inventory in order to display video ads and the supply is provided by only a handful of publishers. Video creation continues to be one of the primary challenge in this regard. As instream video ads continue to grow and emerge in its segment, we have seen the rise of another video ad format– outstream video ads. It essentially is a high weight version of the in-stream ads where you don’t require any video content. The ads automatically feed into your editorial content and shows itself at specified position on the site and remains in view as long as more than 50% of the video is viewable. In this post, we are going to discuss how publishers can optimize their outstream video ads for better revenue growth.

Outstream Video Ad Formats

Outstream video ads will continue to disrupt the video ad industry. Publishers can see good revenue from video ads if they have tier one traffic as the demand is high for those marketers. Along with Teads and Google, other major outstream video ad networks include Unruly, Adyoulike, and others. You can take a look at our article on Outstream video ad formats where we have described in detailed the different available ad formats for outstream ads.

Outstream Ads CPM Rates

The CPM rates for Outstream ads for tier one traffic is in the range of USD 5 to USD 10. If you’ve a good volume of US, UK, and Canadian traffic, you can make good revenue from this video ad format. However, it is extremely crucial to

How to Increase your Revenue from Outstream Video Ads

Currently, there

Google In-Article and In-Feed Outstream Video ads: Our Feedback

Our Top Picks: Outstream Video Ad Networks that Work

There are quite a few ad networks which have forayed into the outstream. However, most of the platforms are aggregators since there isn’t any outstream video ad network that has a global footfall. Here is an article on some of the best outstream video ad networks for publishers which you can take a look for further reference. Our top picks in the Outstream category includes:-


Google Outstream ads

Google has recently launched its outstream ad format and made it available for all AdWords and Doubleclick Bid Manager advertisers and media buyers. Currently, the format competes with display and shows outstream video ads whenever an opportunity is realized. Since its been just months from the launch, we haven’t seem much demand for this inventory. Normally, DFP premium publishers are able to allow the outstream format to compete with their existing display units. Thus, whenever there is a possibility of incremental


Revcontent continues to push its


Sulvo has recently gone out of beta for their multimedia ad units which have outstream capability.

Pro Tips: It is the quality of the traffic and conversion which matters the most. Most advertisers sort after quality traffic and are ready to pay a good price if they see the traffic is converting for them. Thus, the overall CPMs will be gradually higher for converting traffic. As a publisher, it is your responsibility to use keyword planner to target high CPC keywords and utilize them to monetize your traffic effectively.

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