A Guide to Video Creative Quality for Publishers

The report on video creative quality helps to see extra information on creatives served through Dynamic Ad Insertion and IMA SDK implementations. In specifics, this kind of report can help you troubleshoot video errors and inclusive of those caused by other servers known as VAST redirects.

How to run a video creative quality report?

  1. In the manner you would typically create a report in Ad Manager, create a report.
  2. For the report type, select video creative quality.
  3. Choose your data range.
  4. You can refine your report data and add only the items you specify; click on add filter, which is optional.
  5. Select what data you want to show on your report, add metrics and dimensions, and select a table structure.
  6. Set up report scheduling and permissions.
  7. To run your report, click on the run, and to save the report, click on Save.

Kinds of dimensions and metrics available with the “Video creative quality” report-

There are new kinds of dimensions specifically for this report type-

  • Ad server VAST version- In the VAST chain, the VAST version of each ad server. 
  • Ad serving system- Each and every ad server in the VAST chain.
  • Ad server redirects position- In the VAST chain, the position of a redirect. For instance, for a chain of A > B > C, A is in position 0, B is in position 1, etc.
  • Creative media VPAID version- This shows if an ad used VPAID 1,2,3, or did not use it. 
  • Creative media bitrate- The selected media file’s bitrate.
  • Creative media duration- The time for which the actual media was played.
  • Creative media loading latency- The duration it took for media to load.
  • Creative media type- The selected media file’s MIME type.

There are some other supported dimensions, which are-

  • Ad request source
  • Ad Unit
  • Advertiser
  • Country
  • Creative
  • Date
  • Day of week
  • Device category
  • Devices
  • Fallback position
  • Line item
  • Line item type
  • Month and year
  • Order
  • Position in pod
  • Position of pod
  • Salesperson
  • Video continuous play type
  • Video SDK version


The video viewership, interaction, and error metrics are supported for all.

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