How to Generate Video Ad Tags in Google Ad Manager?

Available only to network with a Google account manager that is dedicated, and chances are that it would not be possible to enable it for your network. For more information regarding this, you should contact your account manager. If in any case, you do not have an account manager, your network is not deemed eligible for this feature.

All the required information for a video ad request is contained in video ad tags and includes information about the optional companion ads and the master video ads and more.

Both HTTP and HTTP are supported by Video Solutions.  The SSL setting is respected by the impressions and VAST tracking URLs, and they return either HTTPS or HTTP, whatever is deemed appropriate. Since click-through and click-tracking are redirected from another page, they are HTTP.

How to generate video ad tags for ad units?

  1. Once you sign into Google Ad Manager, click on Inventory and then on Ad Units.
  2. Then click on an existing ad unit and then click on Tags.
  3. You need to complete the 4 step process then and click on continue after every step-
  • Tag Type- You have to choose Google Publisher Tag for Video.
  • Tag Options- If you want to create an ad tag for Live stream video, enable Live traffic to ensure the capability to manage heavy live traffic volumes, where all ad breaks are delivered simultaneously.

Select an SDK type player. 

  • Additional tag parameters- Specify options or targeting parameters that have to be included in the tag. You could gain more insights into the required customs parameters for GPT ad tags.
  • Tag results-  You can gain more insights about the components of the master ad tag URL, which includes any required [placeholder] values that need to be populated by the video player that makes the ad request dynamically.

    4. Copy the ad tag.

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