How to Do Specific Targeting of Video Ads in GAM?

Keys value pairs assist with setting up specific targetings, like demographics, certain positions of webpages, or a specific page or pages that pertain to a given topic. During the generation of ad tags in Ad Manager, you can target key values or simply do in a manual manner using the keyword cust_params.

How to add key values in your video ads?

  1. Notice and decide on the key-value pairs that you wish to use in your ad tag. When a key has multiple values, make use of a comma (,) and differentiate between the values. For instance, here, we would use the key-value pairs section=blog and anotherKey=value1,value2.
  2. Bring all key value pairs together with an ampersand (&)- section=blog&anotherKey=value1,value2.
  3. The following characters should be encoded-
Character Encoded Value
= %3D
& %26
, %2C

So, section=blog&anotherKey=value1,value2 would become- section%3Dblog%26anotherKey%3Dvalue1%2CvalueB.

  1. The value should be set as the cust_params keyword. So, it is- cust_params=section%3Dblog%26anotherKey%3Dvalue1%2Cvalue2.
  2. You have to create a separation between this and other targeting information in the tag by adding “&” to the beginning and the end. So, it becomes- &cust_params=section%3Dblog%26anotherKey%3Dvalue1%2Cvalue2&.
  3. To the original master tag, add the values.

While your original tag must have looked like this-×300&gdfp_req=1&iu=/6062/videodemo&ciu_szs=728×90,300×250&url= 

 The new tag with key values would be-×300&gdfp_req=1&iu=/6062/videodemo&ciu_szs=728×90,300×250&url=

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