How to Maximize Video Ad Revenue with Google Ad Manager?

In accordance with your coordination between your technical teams and your business, you can implement new video solutions, which can take something between a few weeks to a few months. To get a smooth deployment, you should have your technical and ad operations resources available throughout the project.

Before getting started:

Refresh your basic knowledge of Ad Manager concepts-

Introduction to advertising with Ad Manager- Ad Manager provides control and supports multiple ad networks, including AdSense, Ad Exchange, and third-party networks.

Video Solutions advertising overview- There are three kinds of video ads- Linear ads, non-linear ads, and companion ads.

Video ad units- Ad units have can be of two sizes- standard sizes and video sizes.

Support options-  You can use troubleshooting options, contact publisher support, go to the help forum, or look at the ad status dashboard.

Required steps to implement Video Solutions-

  • Creation of video inventory- For the purpose of targeting video inventory, make a  decision of what ad units and key values you would use.
  • Generation of video ad tags- Make video ad tags and place them on your site in your player.
  • Creation of video line items- Set up and target video line items for running of creatives on your video inventory.
  • Addition of creative sets to your video line items- Traffic video, overlay, redirects, and optional companion ads.
  • Creation of video reports- Once you have running video ads, you can get detailed video reports using reporting.

Integrate with the IMA SDK or a video partner-

As is understood, the environment of video players is starkly different from web environments. Integration with Interactive Media Ads SDK is recommended to manage ad requests and responses in a video environment. 

You can manage your content and provide a player which already has integration with the IMA SDK via solutions provided by Online video and ad serving platforms. You can start serving video ads quickly with one of these partners. 

Our Recommended Monetization Partners:

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