Video Ad Types and CPM Rates: Overview for Publishers

We have all seen video ads and we can all solidly collectively agree that they are very engaging and demand attention in a very unique manner. These are basically the advertising that is shown before, after or during the video stream on the internet.  Some professionals have expanded the purview of the same and included display ads with video content, such as those that start playing when a person puts a mouse cursor over them and native video ads promoted on digital ad networks in the vicinity of video advertising as well. It is undoubtedly one of the most popular ways to reach an online audience and it is said that it will by all circumstances dominate the advertising scenario by the next decade which makes now the ideal time to learn all about it. 

Video Ad Types and CPM Rates: Overview for Publishers

In this article, we would go in lengths to discuss the kinds of video advertisements that might be available to the publishers and the CPM rates that you could possibly earn from the same. 

Standard in-stream: One of the most common video ad types for pre-roll, mid-roll, and post-roll formats, standard in-stream videos are slight of an interruptive kind, as they interrupt the users’ experience and do not provide the users with the “skip this ad” option. These are essentially video ads that have a fixed duration and would appear for a given time only. You cannot possibly skip these. The CPMs for this range in USD 3 to USD 5.

TrueView + skippable in‑stream: A proprietary Google video ad that after a fixed period of time offers the user the ability to skip to your content, TrueView/ Skippable in-stream video ads usually appear in pre-, mid-, or post-roll while viewing partner content. It puts the users in control and they can choose which advertisers’ messages they want to see. So, essentially, the user has to watch the ad for 5 seconds before skipping it to watch the video. Irrespective of that, on Ad Exchange, you receive the same revenue for an impression of whether or not the viewer skips the ad. Publishers receive a CPM of around USD 5 to USD 7 for generic news sites and further higher for niche websites. 

Video click-to-download: Very highly demanded, Video click-to-download ads seem like a great way for advertisers to increase their downloads and these are included in the skippable ad category. This interstitial ad type garners a CPM that might vary anywhere from between one dollar to ten dollars. It is dependent on the conversions mostly.

Bumper: Bumper ads are basically short videos that allow your reach to expand to more customers and also increase the awareness of your brand with crisp and memorable messages. The videos must essentially be of 6 seconds or shorter because the viewers cannot skip it. These usually play before or after an ad slot and are in house ads or promotion of the video content. These are usually in house ads, so you do not generate revenue from them. 

VPAID: An industry-standard protocol for supporting advanced video ads, Video Player Ad Interface Definition offers interactive functionality such as social sharing buttons or in-ad navigation menus. They create a common interface between video players and ad units, enabling a rich interactive in-stream ad experience.

VPAID skippable: Very similar to Video Player Ad Interface Definition, VPAID skippable has a feature that separates it from the latter and allows the users to skip the ad.

Outstream Native content: Also commonly called “in-read” video ads, that autoplay in a large format player whenever a user navigates to it within text content. Its look is determined by the publisher based on trafficker-defined values to a set of variables like- headline, image, body, app icon, call-to-action and more and Ad Manager then uses the assigned values for the content of native ads. The CPM for the same should be in range of about USD 3.

Integration Options for Various Video Types in Google Ad Manager

Google Ad Manager offers a variety of video ad types. You can choose the in-stream video integration option that best suits your business model. We have explained these options and listed the, in the order in which they are recommended. 

Dynamic allocation: You can use them if you also use video Solutions for video ad serving. 

Partner platform integration: In any case, you use a third-party video player or video ad server that has partnered with Google, this is an excellent choice. See the list of partner platforms that have integrated support for Ad Exchange. 

Direct integration: If you own the source code of your video player, this is an excellent option. 

VPAID adapter integration: You can use this if none of the aforementioned integration methods are doable and if your video played can support VAST version 2.0, or higher, and VPAID version 1.0, or higher. This method will incur slightly higher latency as it requires the video player to make an extra return trip to our servers. 

It is absolutely necessary to know about the ad types and the CPM rates that they would possibly generate before employing them. We have a bunch of articles related to this and on video ad optimization and you should feel free to check them out.


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