Top 10 Best Video Advertising Companies of (2022 Update)

Video advertising has become an integral part of marketing strategy. Out of all the online contents, video is the most engaging content with the most CTR. Presenting the right message and in an engaging manner helps strike the right balance between promoting your brand and also satisfying the customer curiosity about your brand. Video on landing pages has the capability to increase the conversion rates by almost 80%. Just even mentioning “video” in your email subject line increases open rates by 19%. 90% of customers’ opinion suggest that videos help them make instant buying decisions. Video has not only transformed how businesses market and consumers interact and buy but also it has revolutionized how sales team connect with and convert prospects and how service teams support and delight customers. With 71% of consumers watching more video online than they were a year ago, brands are bound to surrender to the growing popularity of Video advertising.

Top Video Advertising companies of 2019

The following discussion about the popular Video advertising companies will help you choose the right platform for an effective Video campaign:


YuMe is an advertising platform with a focus on multi-screen video ads, unique consumer insights and cross-screen targeting technology, enabling global advertisers better reach and engage consumers while consuming video content. It provides a more efficient and effective connection between advertisers and consumers, resulting in real, measurable business outcomes.

  • Multi-screen video ads run campaigns seamlessly across Smartphone applications, video players and consumer electronics
  • Powerful tools and technology to deliver campaigns to the right audience and amplify reach
  • Publishers can attract higher fill rates and maximize user perceptions.



BrightRoll is Yahoo’s unified programmatic advertising technology suite. It offers a range of buy- and sell-side tools, including a multi-channel DSP and Exchange, which enables advertisers, publishers, and partners connect with consumers across ad formats and devices.

  • 152 million monthly US unique viewers
  • IAB Quality Assurance Guidelines integration
  • Bulk creative workflow
  • Server to server integration with BlueKai and eXelate
  • Site and content targeting
  • Audience targeting capabilities
  • Elimination of multiple IOs
  • Mobile-enabled
  • Universal targeting and frequency capping
  • Real-time audience targeting


Auditude is the leading provider of video advertising technology and monetization for premium content owners and distributors. Auditude’s software plugs into various content management and video creation tools, allows publishers to create video ads for multiple screens. Audible enables flexible ad placement and workflow tools. Auditude works with some of the largest names in online video to enable revenue growth opportunities. 

  • Auditude offers an integrated advertising system for video on PCs, smartphones, tablets, connected TVs and other products in the home.
  • Adobe Pass platform is the unique feature which is used by cable companies for their TV Everywhere initiatives.
  • Auditude is integrated with the Adobe Digital Marketing Suite, which consists of integrated analytics and optimization products to collect and unleash the power of customer insight.



RhythmOne is a technology-enabled digital media company that connects online audiences with brands through premium content across devices. It provides a brand-safe programmatic marketplace for digital media advertising at scale, for multiple screens. Their RhythmMax programmatic platform includes unique brand safety technology. RhythmGuard, which combines leading third-party verification and proprietary filtering technologies is to ensure inventory quality in brand-safe environments. RhythmOne’s main focus is to maximize the return on advertising spend and provide the most efficient and effective marketplace for digital advertising. It is headquartered in San Francisco, California.

  • Access to all screens and all ad formats.
  • Pre- and post-bid filtering technology.
  • Control which brands run on the site or mobile app.
  • Flexible purchase structure.
  • Analytics and management tools.



SpotXchange provides the most transparent programmatic video advertising platform.  It is a company of video expert veterans with a track record of world-class managed services for premium publishers. SpotX’s platform unique feature is the programmatic infrastructure and other monetization tools, including solutions for OTT and outstream video ad units. It offers maximized revenue, advanced transparency and unmatched customer service globally. It is one of the top video ad marketplaces in the U.S, UK, Australia and Canada.

  • Multi-device video ad campaigns
  • Advertiser blocking
  • Real-time performance metrics
  • Publisher Integrations
  • Video Ad Gallery
  • Demo and Behavioral Targeting:
  • Contextual and Keyword Targeting
  • Suite of Brand Safety tools
  • Geographic Targeting
  • Transparency & Actionable Insights


TubeMogul is the leading software company under the umbrella of Adobe for brand advertising. TubeMogul’s advertising software enables the world’s largest brands to streamline their global, cross-channel advertising from a single platform. Their software improves transparency and leverage real-time data, provides holistic planning tools, analytics and insights across television, video, display, mobile, social and other brand advertising initiatives.

  • Premium inventory marketplace
  • Audience targeting
  • Verification reporting
  • Optimization and workflow
  • Range of tools for planning, analytics and insights across all media channels
  • Platform transparency
  • TubeMogul Academy advertising education solution for marketers
  • Global reach to run ad campaigns  in over 70 countries



AOL started in 1983is an online service provider in America. With a unique, easy-to-use user experience, the AOL Video portal is one of the fastest-growing sites on the Internet. Over the past nine months AOL Video grew by 300% to eight million UVs per month. In the same period, page views have grown by more than 1200% to 76 million.

  • A redesigned main page that makes it easier for consumers to discover, search for and find millions of videos from across the Web.
  • A newly developed video search experience that leverages industry-leading Truveo video search technology and features better presentation of Web search results to enable users to easily find what they are looking for
  • A new embedded playback experience where consumers can find and watch videos from other popular video sites on the AOL Video site more easily.



Hulu is an ad-supported online TV streaming service that allows users to stream movies, TV shows, etc from their computers, smart TV or smart device. It was launched in March 2008 by NBC Universal.

  • Hulu was in the process of a website redesign in the initial stages. The new layout has a lot more white space with content displayed on tiles that enlarge when you hover your cursor over them.
  • Hulu has ties with major broadcasters that offers current TV episodes from other networks often within 24 hours of their original airtime hence has loads of popular content
  • Good range of compatible devices.
  • Made even better by the SHOWTIME add-on.

Ado Tube

AdoTube headquartered in New York is an expert provider of in-stream or in video solution. AdoTube’s platform offers the Adotube Ad Network, Publisher Management Tool (PUMA), In-Stream Ad Exchange (AdEx), Network Partner Console for third party networks media brokers and Creative Services. The vertically integrated platform helps all components of digital industry to deliver high-quality, in-stream advertising solutions through a quick, easy and cost-efficient platform.

  • Creative – Access AdoTube’s creative services for uniquely customized, high-quality ads to upload existing ads, create new ads from a creative wizard.
  • Placement – Target campaigns for specific publishers or networks, demographics, geo-targeted markets, behaviors, keywords, etc.
  • Performance – Receive front-end, back-end and brand-study performance analytics.
  • Purchase – It is capable of both buy- and sell-side integration.
  • Customer Service –  Provides overall account support.


Vdopia being the global leader in mobile video advertising is rebranded as Chocolate. It offers two core products namely Chocolate Marketplace, a global programmatic buying and selling platform for mobile video advertising and Chocolate Mediation, an end-to-end monetization solution for app developers & publishers.

  • Enhancements enabling video ads to run in more resolutions and aspect ratios than ever before. It supports 4:3, 16:9 or any desired configuration to deliver an outstanding viewing experience without worrying about the varying screen sizes of the latest smartphones.
  • Upgrades in the conversion process reduce video file size and load time for faster and seamless execution of video ads.
  • Stringent automated checks make sure that only high-quality source files are chosen for conversion. This assures advertisers of delivering the highest quality ad experience to consumers.
  • The new version overcomes any syncing or flickering issues with its older version.

Round Up

Selecting the right video advertising company depends on your requirement, your product and the target audience. A lot of factors are to be considered while choosing the appropriate ad network for your marketing needs such as audience targeting options, customer service, supported video formats, support for mobile devices, analytics, user-friendliness, transparency, ad formats, daily traffic, average site on time, presence across different countries etc.The primary video sites, enable you to see how your content performs. Hence the views, shares, likes and social interactions can help you plan future campaigns, which makes your content more effective at reaching your target audience. So the correct way to be on the best platform to suit your requirements would be to shortlist a few platforms and run different low budget test campaigns on them as a trial for your actual campaign. In the finally compare the campaign analytics and choose the right ad network which gives you the maximum monetization and returns on your investment.

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